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Makes sure your seams are facing the direction you want them to go!
Primary Use: 

Slide under sewing projects when seams exist on one or both sides in different directions.

Eliminate top or bottom seams from turning in the wrong direction before you sew over them. 

*   Saves time: 
*   No more ripping and re-sewing of seams 
*   Unique shape allows for easy handling 


Slide the Direct-A- Seam under the edge of your fabric seam and pull towards you, or flip Direct-A-Seam over and use to redirect seam in the opposite direction.

Resellers: Direct-A-Seam is packaged and designed to hang on your notions wall. Instructions are listed on packaging as well as UPC barcoding (see resellers page for more info). 

Item 0089
Made in USA.

Sold in Local Quilt Stores, Catalogs, and Online Stores across the United States and Canada. 

If your local quilt shop doesn't currently carry it, direct them to this site for ordering information. 

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