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Item 0088
Made in USA.
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Keeps glue off fingers !
For Applique or Any Sewing Project
Tired of getting fabric glue on your fingers and fabric not staying where you put it? Take the hassle out of using your glue stick for appliqué. 

Turn your edges with ease, even when turning corners or curves.

The soft 45° angled end is 1/4" diameter. Use as a guide for 1/4"allowance. The soft tip helps grip fabric and allows you to turn & press down your edge evenly and accurately.

• Soft tip won’t easily stick to fabric glue. 
• Makes turning edges simple & enjoyable 
• Saves time, whether you have many                        pieces or just a few.
• Easy to use, fits in hand comfortably 
• Grips fabric, for secure handling 
• Use as guide for 1/4" allowance 
• Fabric glue won’t easily stick to soft tip 
• Versatile: either end can be used with                      different methods of appliqué 

For appliqué, or any sewing project!

Soft 45° angled tip is 1/4" diameter and is used as your 1/4"guide when turning and pressing down edges accurately and evenly. Soft tip works well even if your allowance is more or less than 1/4". 

Because of the tool's short length it can be flipped easily to use either end. The tool fits comfortably in your hand and has a non-slip grip.
Use the tapered end to turn down edge when a traced line is to be followed.  Make creases when a sharp crisp edge is needed before needle turning. Tuck under frays along your edges. Use either end to position your fusibles under a clear template before ironing them in place. The Easy Edge Appliqué Tool is to be used in conjunction with fabric glue however, the tool can be used without glue when a desired "pointy" tool is needed.

Because of the tapered end's thinness and its angle of 45° it can be used to lift, reposition, smooth lines, points, or curves after applying fabric glue. Tapered angled end can be used to apply just the “right” amount of glue just where you intend it, or to feather off too much glue.